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Lubricant solutions for all your Vehicle Needs

Autoz365, powered by Tesla Power USA, specializes in high-quality automotive lubricants. Be it cars, two-wheelers, or three-wheelers, our passion ensures your vehicles will run effortlessly and smoothly with our range of car lubricants and bike lubricants.

Autoz365 provides you with a complete set of products to give every variety of automotive lubricant your vehicle may need:

  • ● Engine Oils: From 15W50, 5W30, and 20W50 to 20W40 and 10W30, we have superior engine oil in India designed to run your engine smoothly and protect it from excessive wear.
  • ● Gear Oil: Our 80W90 gear oil lubricants are fully prepared to provide top protection for your car or truck's transmission and differential.
  • ● Brake Oil: Safety first thus our brake oil ensures that the brakes work perfectly when you need them the most.
  • ● Coolants: Our coolant lubricants keep the temperature of your engine within a suitable range avoiding overheating, freezing, and any other possible damage.
What Makes Autoz365 Special

We're not just any automotive lubricant company. We are Autoz365 and here's what sets us apart:

Advanced Formulation: We make our car lubricants and bike lubricants with high-quality ingredients and 100% synthetic oil. This special mix helps our products work well even in tough situations.

Superior Protection: Autoz365 automotive lubricants provide excellent protection for your engine. They can handle the stress from both heavy-duty vehicles and high-performance engines, keeping them running smoothly even under tough conditions.

All-Round Service Care: We formulate products to give great service stability. Our car lubricants, bike lubricants and other automotive lubricants have anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion properties that will protect your vehicle all-round.

Compatible with Modern Vehicles: Our range of lubricants ensures higher fuel efficiency in today's generation of vehicles and keeps up with changing technologies in automobiles.

By using high-quality automotive lubricants, you can avoid many common vehicle problems and save money on repairs in the long run.

Quality automotive lubricants are our commitment at Autoz365. We want to help you take good care of your vehicle for it is probably the largest single investment that most people make in their lifetimes. Simultaneously, we strive to have our products meet and go beyond industry standards.

Buying Autoz365 means purchasing car lubricants, bike lubricants and other automotive lubricants that extend the life of your vehicle, improve its performance, protect it from wear and tear, and work well in all climatic conditions.

"Prevention is better than cure." Using good-quality lubricants can help prevent many common vehicle issues. This can save you a lot of money on maintenance.

With Autoz365, you're not just buying automotive lubricant, you're investing in your vehicle's future. Our products provide better protection and performance to help your vehicle go the extra mile. Drive with confidence with Autoz365. After all, when it comes to the health of your vehicle only the best will do.



  • 3.5 Ltr Car - Engine oil

  • 2.5 Ltr Bike - Engine oil

  • 1 Ltr Bike - Engine oil

  • 900 ml Bike - Engine oil

  • 800 ml Bike - Engine oil

  • 2.5 L - Gear Oil

  • Brake Oil - 250 ml

  • Coolant - 1 L

  • 1 L - Engine oil

All About Engine Oil Grades

Understanding the Viscosity Grade of an Engine Oil

When purchasing an engine oil can, you may notice values such as 10W30, 5W40, and 0W20 on the can. What are the values? These parameters determine the viscosity of the oil. The viscosity grades are decided based on the oil's performance at low and high temperatures. The question arises: how can we determine which viscosity grade of engine oil is appropriate for our vehicle? Continue reading for more clarity.

Fluid viscosity is determined by its resistance to flow. The viscosity grade of engine oil indicates the oil's resistance to flow in your vehicle's engine. Engine oil with a low viscosity grade will be more fluid and flow smoothly.

Temperature affects engine oils; a grade indicates the fluid's use and flow in hot and cold conditions. At low temperatures, engine oil with a low viscosity grade is recommended because it allows for better lubricant circulation in your car during a cold start. At high temperatures, high-viscosity engine oil is chosen because it is more resistant in the engine's critical parts (hot zones). Because it is thicker, it lowers wear and breakage and eliminates friction between components.

Monograde Oils:

Monograde oils are utilized in a relatively narrow temperature range. They are often suited for older vehicle types. This sort of oil is divided into two categories based on the season in which you will use your car.

Monograde oils are divided into two categories:

Multigrade oils have grown in popularity because they are well-suited to modern vehicle types and are suitable for all seasons.

Multigrade oils:

Multigrade oils must meet two viscosity criteria, with viscosity grades consisting of two integers. For example: 10W30. 10W is the low-temperature viscosity (winter), while 30 is the high-temperature viscosity oil (summer). Temperature fluctuations have less of an impact on multigrade oils than monograde oils. This is why multigrade oil canisters feature numbers on both sides of the "W". The most commonly purchased engine oils include values such as 5W40, 20W40, or 10W30.

When in question about the viscosity grade of your engine oil, consult the owner's manual and engine oil requirements provided by the vehicle's manufacturer or seek professional advice.


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